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4 Oct 2013

When she turned 10 months

I haven't been blogging for soooo long and I need to do quite a bit of catch up, simply because I want to remember those little things about Chloe.. So here is her 10 months update, even though it's already a month late :(

  • She got her second tooth!!! 3 weeks after the first one. 
  • She managed to pull herself up on her feet in her bath by holding the handles in the bath. I don't know if I've mentioned it here before but it always felt like she was trying to do things in her bath before to do them out of it... 
  • When we were at my mom's place she made some steps with my grandma's help. I have to say that I wasn't that thrilled about it... My sister has been studying for being a midwife, work in nursery etc, anyway, she told me that they don't recommend teaching them how to walk by holding their arms up because they won't learn how to walk normally without their arms up. I also read somewhere a week before to go to France that it was bad or they will always rely on us for everything.. So I decided to not do it and let her learn those things by herself... The only day I leave her alone the whole afternoon/day with my mom and grandma and they do that.. I was a bit pissed to be honest.. And also because they taught her something while neither me or Vadim where there... But anyway, what was done was done. 
  • However, with that little help she got she was pulling herself up much more on a bit of everything, mostly on sofas.
  • While we were at my mom's place she also said papa!! She used to say "papapapa" or "mamamama" before but we didn't count it as a word as she obviously was using it for everything and not for us. But she said it over there for her papa, that was soooo cute :) 
  • Her favourite game has definitely been Peekaboo this month!! She kept doing it all the time, with books, clothes, her bottle... whatever she could find :)


At home she would simply refuse to stay in her playpen, but she didn't mind playing by herself in the one at grandma's... It was better when outside but still xD 


She learnt how to drink from a straw a couple of days before that picture. She's always had a huge obsession for Starbucks cups since she was able to see properly. I have no idea how I gave her my obsession for Starbucks but apparently she has it too now ^^  Anyway, I let you imagine how happy she was to be able to drink out of mama's Starbucks cup :p
Ps. Don't worry, it was only water in it ;)

3 Oct 2013


She used to crawl a lot backwards - I believe a lot of babies do before to crawl "normally". That time she crawled all the way backwards from her play area - which is next to her bed - until she got stuck under her bed