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9 Aug 2013

She turned 9 months! - really nearly a month ago

Well it was already about 20 days ago, but..
I can not believe! We spend just as much time with her that she spent in my belly, how weird is that!

Here are all the "milestones" / progresses she made within this new month:

  • She started to speak!! She started by mixing all together "baba", "papa" and "mama". She then got better and better, but only on "baba" (which means bye bye for her I think) and "papa", that is just adorable when she speaks!! She's gonna be such a little chatter box!! Just like her Mama haha :p Sorry Papa :p  Now we can't wait for her to say those words with a real meaning, like to us :)
  • She clapped her fists to then clap her hands. She is now so good at it! She even does it when we ask her to do "Bravo", and most of the time - except if she plays shy - we don't need to show her.
  • And last but not least: she FINALLY got her first tooth!!!!!
I am insanely in love with that little bundle of joy!!

Sorry for this delay, I didn't realise I didn't post it - shame on me.

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