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22 Jul 2013


My very girly girl :)

Yesterday morning Chloe rediscovered her dolly. She got it for Christmas from my grandma, a Corolle Doll, I am in love with those and their scents. Until then she never played with it, she would occasionally chew on it to "make" her teeth. So I took it away and put it safely on the corner of her changing unit. But Sunday morning she saw it and got sooooo excited. She wouldn't let it go and been properly playing with it, kissing her etc the whole day, smiling and being excited every time she would get it again. It was just so much cuteness :)


This picture is delayed of a week.

On 14th of July Chloe tried her very first iced lolly, and had one for lunch everyday since xD With this heat it was unfair to eat ice creams infront of her without giving her any. And this way to do it is very healthy and so simple. I'll make a post about it very soon ;)  Anyway, she enjoyed it a lot!!!

On our new British Prince :) Congrats to the happy parents!!

Congratulations to William and Kate for their baby boy!! 

17 Jul 2013


She got this toy for her 8 months "birthday" and she really adores it :D

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry for being MIA for so long! I had a bit of an issue: an overloaded computer who refused my pictures for almost a month!! Anyway, it is fixed now and I can finally post :)

So, last month I decided to start a project of making one picture a day in manual. It's been a little while I've wanted to improve it and after seeing a couple of those kind of projects, seeing videos about it by Click it up a notch and reading some of her posts I finally decided to go for it. I also thought it was an amazing way of seeing Lizzie growing. Idea that my mom kind of had at her birth but after a C-section I wasn't really up for taking one picture a day etc xD  Hopefully my pictures will improve a lot within this year. Obviously some days will be horrible and won't look like nothing, but hey, it happens to everyone I guess xD  Also, as I don't want to spam this blog with one picture everyday - and with some not very good - I will put one a week instead. Every Monday you will have a picture from the past week - obviously this week is neither Monday and you won't have only one as I started this project on 1st of July, hence I have 2 weeks to catch up I think xD

All comments are more than welcome - except the useless ones - wether it is to give your opinion, good or bad, as long as bad one is constructive; to give some advice, which I would love to hear; or some ideas etc..

Hope you'll this new serie of posts :)


2 Jul 2013

On Lorene's Latest "Coup de Coeur"

Hi guys! So as my birthday is coming really soon - I'll be 25 years old in 17 days, can you believe that?! I can't xD - I thought it was perfect timing for this kind of post I've thought of doing for a little while: a list of things that I am obsessed with lately, wether I am dying to buy them or I bought them recently and I'm still as much obsessed with them xD. So let's get started - I may try to make one for me and one for Chloe as well every month.

  1. I've heard about this Alpha H Liquid Gold in Fleur De Force's Youtube channel - if you don't know her, go check out her channel, she is so addictive! Haven't stop watching since I found her on Friday lol. Anyway, the way she talked about this product made it look so incredible that I am dying to get it now! I think I'll have to wait for a bit because it's a bit pricey, but maybe if I get some money for my bday.. :p
  2. I've seen this orange dots shirt at Topshop about 2 months ago and I just fell in love with it!
  3. Oh my god, those candles smells soooo good!!! We went to this really cute kinda antique shop in Islington with Vadim on Saturday, they have really adorable toys! And, THOSE candles, I just fell in love with their scents! Bring so much memories.
  4. This one is a really pricey item, but I just love it! I've had my eye on this camera bag for more than a year now and still hope I could afford it xD -one day one day ^^. It would be so much easier to take my camera everywhere with us if I had such a nice bag that I could simply use as a handbag... Maybe I should ask for it for Christmas :)
  5. Those Mason Jars might seem like nothing special but I am totally obsessed with them! They look so good for drinks, green smoothies, or even with candles inside!
  6. It's been a bit of a love/hate "relationship" with those sandals - in my brain at least lol. I think I first saw them on Taza's instagram (Oh and if you don't know her either, go check her blog! Her family is amazing and looks so lovely, I got addicted of following their adventures since November!) where she was saying how good they were to walk for hours in the city without having sore feet. So I thought "Ok let's buy those, it's summer soon", then I thought it looked to much of a mama's look - I always thought those sandals looked really mummy like - and decided to not buy them. But then when we came back from South of France i decided to walk much more than I do now, and ended up for walking like 5 hours on Monday, which killed the back of my heel - it's just healing now!! - and about 3 hours the day after, which gave a huge pain on the other foot when I was standing - same thing, just starting to not bother me as much, about 3 weeks later!!. So now, I really really want those shoes to be able to walk more around London without sore feet xD 
  7. Bobbi Brown is by far my favourite make up brand - at least for lipsticks as I've only tried lipsticks. It's been 3 to 4 years I am using only this brand! My lips have always been really sensitive and would get dried after hours of wearing lipstick, which would make it looks really bad. But that doesn't happen with Bobbi Brown, and it's stays on for like 5 to 6 hours easy... This Beige Gold colour has been my first Bobbi Brown purchase and I've been thinking for months to buy it again.
  8. Same as for the first product, I've seen this bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment in Fleur De Force's channel and been dreaming about buying it since then.. But that is a bit pricey as well so might need to wait for a bit..
  9. I've been obsessed with those 3 colours! I've been obsessed with the mint one since last year actually. Now, the pink one is a big surprise as I am not a pink kind of girl at all! But it's been a couple of weeks I'm craving for some neo/pink nailnails. I ordered those 3 nail polishes, we'll see how I like the pink one which is a Essie, Fruit Sangria. I got the Butter London one yesterday, first Butter Londonin Fiver ever and I am in loooove with it!! And the colour... I've been staring at my nails since I've put it on yesterday night. I also ordered this Essie, A Crewed Interest one.
  10. Last one, those milk bottle vase. Have you seen it in decoration? I adore it!!! Can't wait to buy a couple of them for our house, with just a couple of flowers in each, so cute!