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25 May 2013

Little trip to our family in France.

We went to France to weeks ago to give my family a visit – and see some doctors in the same time, which was much needed! This time we did the journey with the pram, which I thought would be easier. It actually was on the way there as I got help from the train station as soon as the lady noticed I was travelling alone with a baby. But, oh my god, what a difference with France!! From Lille to London they didn't give a S*** that I was alone with a 6 months old baby girl, a huge luggage quite heavy for me and a couple of bags, they still asked me to fold the pram to pass it through the security, they let me fold it and unfold it all by myself, never asked if I needed help, I needed to ask to someone who was working there to help me to put the pram and luggage in the train once on the platform, but did not get any help inside to fold the pram even when I woke up my deeply asleep little angel who was crying while I was folding the pram because of all the bending. But watch my words, I actually met some genuinely nice and helpful french men at the bar when I went to get my free coffee who went all the way down my coach to get my luggage, bags and pram all the way up to the bar coach so they could help me with all of that once we arrived in London, how lovely! I don't know how I would have done without him and even though he won't see it I'd like to thank him so much!! (I also got treated with a paper bag full of my favourite biscuits :) I guess I also own that to my adorable angel as people can't resist to her :p)

Here are some pictures if you would like to see.

The fact that she is seating by herself is just so helpful, being able to be on the train without needing to hold her on me all the time but having her seating next to me instead - keep an eye and an arm on her still - made it so much easier! We've lucky enough to have the seat next to us available on the way there and back.

C is opening her arms to people - aka mostly me and V - when she wants a hug/cuddle or to be held. This is one of the cutest thing ever!

Chloe is trying to kiss so much lately, which is just adorable as she is actually just opening her mouth wide and put it on us,  our lips ou grabbing our noses. I'm in love with those and her hugs/cuddles.

Is it me or she looks like she is asking for help or thinking "what the hell is going on here?" xD lol

Craziness is part of our family :p

C fell in love with that vintage armchair. She has good tastes already :)

Judging by that smile she had in the train and how good she is, I think it is safe to say that she loves travelling - probably got that from her mama's addiction to travels :p

20 May 2013

On catching up - C turned 6 months

Chloe also turned 6 months old 2 weeks ago! Whaaaaat!! 6 months old??!!! TWO weeks ago??!! Already?! Please, someone, do something!! She also started to seat all by herself. That baby girl surprises me every day! The last night my sister was here V called me in C's bedroom where they were all 3 together, C was sat by herself for few seconds, a bit wiggly but still all new and without any help. She went from not being able to seat except on us when we hold her to seat for few seconds by herself. But the most impressive thing is that she hasn't stop since then. In one week of time she was sitting for long stretches – like 20 minutes. She now spends her time seating, I can not put her on her back or tummy anymore. That is not gonna help for crawling etc lol. But the seating thing is such a progress in itself that it doesn't bother me that much for now. Also, it is SO useful!! I can just seat her down on the floor in her playpen where she is surrended by all her toys and she is really happy for a while, grabing every toy that she can and playing with them. It gives me time to be able to cook without a baby crying in her bouncer or do other things I need to do that used to be so hard to do.
She is also in a no-no phase lately, which is soooo adorable!! She keeps shaking her head like if she is saying “no” with her cute cheeky smile. Gosh I love her :)

C and her favourite singing book :)  - In French

And here are some pictures from one of the only two days I got to enjoy the sun we got for only a week or two while I was ill. Also the first time C was coming out of her pram while in the park, so kind of her first time in the park for real xD  And first experience with the grass :)  She enjoyed a lot to be on the grass playing with her toys and having her snack there :)  Can't wait for the sun to come back... Please please dear sun come back soon, we miss you a lot in London!

18 May 2013

On catching up :)

Hi everyone!

I can't believe I've been out of blogging for so long. I am so sorry about it. Let's catch up :)

My sister came beginning/mid of April, which was so lovely to have her here!! She came only 3 times before and it always was in hurry or not able to move much so I was really glad to be able to show her London a bit more and it felt good to see things with “tourists eyes” again :) We had lots of fun, lots of chocolate – catching up with Easter :p – and lots of Monopoly games – so much that she almost missed her coach for Lille.

Unfortunately, this is how the reason why I didn't post started: Chloe started to have a cough the day before Anais came, then V started to got sick the day after she arrived, and it followed... I personally recovered only a couple of days ago!! 3 weeks, THREE whole weeks of being sick!! I even missed most of the sun in London... I got to enjoy it 2 or 3 days just to be back to what seemed to be an eternal illness, in worse xD But enough of complains, now I'm back to my old and healthy me :D – thanks to French doctors!

That sweetie pie just adore her Auntie, this is SO adorable! :)

It's quite hard for us to get a picture the 3 of us, especially if we are out and about as we usually are only together, too bad C was asleep when my sister took the pic and that we couldn't take her out of the pram ^^

A also got "addicted" to Starbucks muhahaha :p  Gosh I love my sister, I hope I'll give C a sissy so  she can have that special link. I miss her so bad!

That poor little thing was ill and slept the whole time we were at Camden Market - aka a couple of hours, which usually never ever happens.

C giving kisses ^^

Also, a couple of days after Anais left, V turned 27 years old. We celebrated it just the 3 of us as we were all sick and his family got scared to be contaminated xD  But we still had a lovely day filled with love :) ...

... and a deliciouuuuus cake.