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26 Feb 2013

On Sunday off TV

It's been a while I noticed how addicted we are to TV. I mean, as soon as we come home we turn on the TV, we stay in the living room - where is the TV - with Chloe most of the time, we sometimes spend 10 mins zapping to see what's on TV and even if there is nothing interesting we will put something on that we've seen a thousand times.. I don't think that this is good and especially with a baby, I don't want her to be addicted to TV and I wish we could enjoy more of our time all together without that thing... So after realizing how bad it became for us xD  and also seeing the amazing idea that love Taza had about their phone, I decided about a week ago to have the same on Sundays but with TV - for now :p .
Well, I have to say that we had 2 lovely Sundays!!

For our first week end I've been lucky enough to have the sun in my side :)  So we went to Victoria Park, which is a really nice park!! A bit far when we take the wrong bus as we did xD  But definitely closer than Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park etc... That was such a lovely day, with the sun and all :)  We walked for hours but to be fair I don't think that any of us really mind - especially our little bundle of joy who had several long naps all warm in her pram. She even got to get her bottle of milk outside because it wasn't THAT cold at first. And as crazy as it will sound, even just after half hour of no TV I saw the difference: Chloe and I were dancing on old french songs that i've put on and she was so happy about it :)  And because there was nothing to distract me we ate at 12:30 - usually it's more 2 PM - and we came out at 1:30 PM, something that doesn't happen often and that made V really happy :)

 This Sunday we went to the mall to go to the restaurant and have such a yummy burger :D  It was the first time we were going all together to restaurant, V is always afraid Chloe will get impatient or maybe not behave well or get tired of it so he usually avoid those restaurants/cafes. But Chloe actually LOVES it! She loves looking at other people! So we definitely need to take papa out with us more often ;) I also got to get a couple of - same - pictures with Chloe. I had to tell him I wanted some but at least we got some :)

Long story short, I found this idea amazing and would recommend it to everyone, especially the ones with a family! I even think to push it a bit further, wanna try to stop TV and get away of phone and computers during diner time. And maybe Sunday night the TV could stay off as well as at the moment we actually turn it on once Chloe is asleep...

21 Feb 2013

On getting a fresh start

After several attempts to have a blog, I decided to stick to that one no matter what :)

Here a little summary of what brought me to write this blog:
A young women, lost in what she wanted to do in her life arrived in London 2 and a half years ago thinking she would stay only for 8 months being an au pair. But you know what they say "Once you lived in London you never wanna leave it". Well, they were right. In that amazing city she found what she wanna do and what she loves: fashion world! And she also found love... Love that leaded to being engaged a year after they met and having the most wonderful baby girl a year and 4 months after this meeting :)

My life changed a lot and more quickly that I could ever imagine, and it's not gonna stop, so I decided to share it with you dear blogosphere :) Hoping that you will enjoy it.

My gorgeous daughter (Chloe) and I (Lorene) enjoying the sun on Tuesday in Highbury Fields, London